About Hoopdance

Hoopdance is a form of modern dance, and the latest fitnesshype. It is a playful way to move, a wonderful way to dance, a fantastic cardio-workout and a lovely way to tone your body. And most important: Hooping is guaranteed to make you smile!

By law of nature it corrects your posture and mood in a smooth enjoyable way. Hooping naturally swings away any redundant physical and emotional weight. This results in feeling fit, refreshed and grounded at the same time! Indeed, hoopdance can become mediation in motion.

Since there as so many different styles and techniques in hooping, it is up to you which parts of the body you like to train or stretch. Your belly, bum, torso, arms, back, hips and legs are all willing to join in!

Everybody  is able to hoop when given the proper tools and training! Age is besides the point. ‘We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old when we stop playing.’


‘It started with a ‘hulahoop’ search in google and I found myself in Janna’s world. An inspiring, beautiful and talented woman. She leads the classes with her warm energy, enthusiastic smile and harmonious dance. The connection between the body and the hoop inspires me to open up and move more freely. It makes me stronger, inside and out. It’s pure joy! Mafalda Gnomes’

‘Hoopdance is by far the most fun work-out ever. And highly addictive… Stefanie Stealens’

‘Ik wil me graag richten op dingen die me energie geven en de hoepel doet dit. De positieve manier van lesgeven en de leuke groep heeft ervoor gezorgd dat ik verslingert ben geraakt. Birgit van Druten’. 

‘Het is zeker geen kwestie van ‘doe maar na’. Janna Lou en Damaris kunnen stap voor stap uitleggen en laten zien hoe een beweging is opgebouwd. En als je ermee aan het oefenen bent zien ze precies waar het mis gaat. Bijvoorbeeld waar je nog een extra spiertje aan moet spannen of juist wat minder kracht mag geven. Mechteld van der Zon.’

‘Hoopdance is heerlijk ontspannend. Wanneer je aan het hoepelen bent, kan je alles om je heen even vergeten en je hoofd vrij maken. Even geen zorgen, geen stress, alleen maar jij en je hoepel. Ik wordt er blijer van! Oranath van der Weide’.


About Janna Lou

Janna Lou has always been creative and playful, so becoming a circus artist and actrice was no surprise to anyone. Her passion for expression through movement led her to blend the endless possibilities of circus theatre and dance.

For the last 15 years, you could find her acting, moving around on stilts, swinging on trapezes and dancing with fire.

And when she hoops… times stand still and everything falls into place. Her love for hoopdance got completely out of hand, and took her performing all over the world. For the last 7 years she guides professional hoop dance classes in Leiden and Amsterdam, as well as masterclasses abroad. She also designs dancewear of which you can see an example below in the picture.

Click here for a little interview with Jannalou.

She studied and graduated in contemporary circus and physical theatre at Circomedia in Bristol, England.

Her hoopdance teacher training was certified by Hoopnotica New York.